Steampunk Bustle Dress Victorian Madame

Steampunk Bustle Dress Victorian Madame


This Steampunk bustle gown is for that vava-voom! Called our Victorian Madam gown this dress makes whoever wearing it the belle of the ball! Perfect for a Steampunk or Alternative wedding gown. Great for those masquerade balls and formal events!

This Corseted Jacket is one of out favorite designs it cinches your waist and pushes up the girls right where you want them to give you a fun flirtatious look but also has the modesty of sleeves and a closed back. The top is where all the magic happens it is fully boned with steel and soft boning and created from 4 layers one thick canvas layer to give lovely support. The back is closed unlike our other corsets so it is still adjustable like a corset but no skin shows through once it is laced. It zips in the front with a covered zipper.
The sleeves are elegant and full (Can be made less poofy if requested) style of the jacket is a mix of Victorian and Elizabethan styles. Made in your choice of color and trimmed with a gorgeous matching or contrast velvet ribbon. 
This corset is not a heavy cinch it shapes and gives curves while still being comfortable for a full day of running around at your wedding or fabulous event.

Fully Boned Corseted Jacket
Gorgeous Bustle Skirt

Hollywood Pink Silk (As seen in photos)
White Silk
Black Silk
Ivory Silk
Negative Silk
White Cotton Sateen
Black Cotton Sateen
Maroon Cotton Sateen
Brown Cotton Sateen

Silk Color Options copy and paste link to see available colors

Our KMK Corset style designed by us is a soft silhouette corset not meant for dramatic shaping. Perfect for just a little cinch and a lot of support. They are made to hold up the bust without any additional support as well as squish and flatten other areas. 

Each Corset has a strong separating zipper underneath the arm for ease to get in and out ( you may also opt out of the zipper under the arm, just include it in the note to the seller)

All of our corsets in our bridal gowns are quality and made to hold up with up to 5 layers and fully boned. They are boned with a mixture of steel and a plastic boning called rigeline. There are between 3-5, 1/2 steel in the front, 2 1/4 steel on each seam and 2 steel along the back lacing. The rest of the corset is boned in-between each layer with a sew-able boning called rigeline. This creates a supportive but comfortable silhouette that is perfect for that corset look for ladies who don't corset often.

If you are more familiar with corseting and want a more dramatic shape or are wanting all steel you can upgrade for a sharper silhouette with all steel boning for $150. Just let us know at checkout and we will send you a listing for the upgrade. 

Takes about 12-14 weeks to be made and then is shipped Priority domestic which takes about 2-3 days and first class international about 1-6 weeks.

Dry clean only or delicate hand washing

Custom to your Size
If you would like to make a deposit and hold off on measurements, you can lock a place in our schedule and send measurements as late as 4-6 weeks before you would like to receive your ensemble.

**Use a soft measuring tape, this can be purchased at Joann’s or Michaels or even a general retail store
When measuring, measure around the fullest part of the bust, over the nipple and around the back keeping the tape even.
Please also include your cup size.

For the waist, measure the Natural waist which generally the smallest part of your torso or about an inch to 2 above your belly button.

-Natural Waist to the floor:


-Torso Length: From your waist to e top of your armpit with you arm hanging naturally

-Around your Bicep

-Sleeve Length: From your shoulder to your elbow with your arm slightly bent

How to Measure:

If you need measurement help please message us on etsy or e-mail us at kmkmcclain [!at]

If you need a rush order please message us about availability. 

Washing cry clean only or delicate hand washing



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Photo by Jen Montgomery
Model Elisabeth Martin of blonde Swan
Make-up by Keiks Designs
Headpieces by Blonde Swan

3rd photo from Blonde Swan!

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