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 Making Clothing - KMKDesigns


KMKDesigns is a mother daughter locally owned and operated business in St. Paul, MN . It began in 2008 from mutual love of creating and the desire to create fabulous costumes. It grew to much more than that. Both of us discovered that through our creations we could help men and women of all shapes, sizes and types to feel more confident and beautiful. The true nature of fashion is to create the feeling of beauty and confidence no matter who you are.

Today KMKDesigns has grown into a specialty business that works on making vision into reality. Now KMKDesigns is not only a costume business but we have our own line of alternative clothing and bridal garments and often create custom designs from scratch for clients who have a vision they can’t find anywhere else.

Here at KMK we work with each person to create a one of kind idea. Starting with an inspiration or conversation, we can sketch up a new gown that is completely unique to that person.

Today we have grown to 3 times the space and KMK has several in house helpers help us continue to expand and grow.

When you purchase from KMKDesigns you are supporting a USA made local artists who craft each item in our shop custom to order. Our design style includes but is not limited to, Steampunk, Gothic, Victorian, Gothic Lolita, and Edwardian fashion inspirations.

 Making Clothing - KMKDesigns
  Sheridyn McClain

Sheridyn McClain

---Owner, Creator, Manager

Sheridyn McClain has been sewing for as long as she can remember. She started by sewing dolls clothing when she was young out of sheets and twine. She has worked as a costumer, alternation specialist & hobbyist for over 35 years before starting KMK with her daughter.

  Kaitlyn McClain

Kaitlyn McClain

---Owner, Designer, Creator, Manager

Kaitlyn McClain has loved art all of her life. She discovered that clothing design could give her an creative outlet that could help women and men gain confidence and beauty in everyday life. She studied Fashion Design at St. Catherine University. In 2012 she graduated with an award of best senior collection of her year.


Shannon Sherman

---Creator, Booth Helper

Shannon is one of our in shop sewing gals. She helps us in the studio to create KMKDesigns clothing. She makes most of our popular jumper styles and often stays after work to sew on her own projects. She has an art background and often comes to help at the KMK booth for conventions.


Kristin Harmasa

---Creator, Booth Helper

Kristin Harmasa is one of our sewing helpers at KMKDesigns. She works in the studio with us creating some of our corsets and jacket designs as well as some specialty custom work. She has a Theater and Art background and works on her own sculptures and artwork on her time own time. You will often see her at the KMK booth at many of the conventions we attend since she is one of our main helpers out at events!

  Angeline Babcock

Angeline Babcock

---Creator, Artist

Angeline, is one of our wonderful in-shop sewing gals! She graduated from The university of MN with an arts degree. She works mainly with all of the shops skirt and petticoats but often works on many other projects. On the side she has done some custom artwork for buttons and promotional designs for KMK. You may see her at the booth at certain events and conventions helping out selling.

12-1-14 KMK logo.jpg

Lauren is our newest employee to the KMKDesigns Family

*Picture will be coming soon, as well as description