Want a custom design you can’t get anywhere else? Have an idea for a unique wedding dress? Want a high quality Costume that is made like real clothing? KMKDesigns would love to create your perfect outfit, costumes or wedding gown.

You can order custom whether you’re local or not.  If you are local you can schedule a consultation here.



Here are some examples of things we will create custom for you:

-Alter one of our own designs from our shop

-An original sketch or design you have come up with

-Cosplay not including heavy prop work

-A new design from KMK based on your ideas and inspiration

-A costume replica from movie, TV show or play

-Custom fetish wear or drag queen outfits

Here are some examples of what we will not create custom:

-We will not re-create other designers designs ( A designer who is selling their designs anywhere)

-Heavy Prop Cosplay or costumes

(We can take inspiration or elements you like to create an original design, if you want to include photos of things you like for photo examples)

*** If you are confused if what you would like created in something we can create custom don’t be afraid to ask. We respond quickly and are never offended by questions:D

Steps for Custom Ordering:

1. E-mail us at or call us at 651-295-2877

2. Send us either a sketch or inspirational photos/photos and description of what you would like.

3. Your name, general size and what your budget is, the date you need it by. Along with any other info such as fabric, color, ideas.

4. Once we work out a budget with you, we can then create you a sketch to iron out design details.



A sketch consult is $35 for up to 2  designs and 2 revisions with one inked and  up to 2 colorways. If you want the original sketch matted and signed once your order is complete you can purchase it for $50.

5. The next step is for you to get us your measurements and a down payment of 40% of the total cost or to start a payment plan of 5 payments.

7. We often will send in progress photos so you can see how the garment is progressing

6. Once the garment is complete we will send you photos of the completed garment along with a final invoice.


Important information you should know about custom.

Custom generally costs more. This is because we have to create something we have never created before. This means besides labor and material cost, we also have to create a new pattern, alter a pattern, source fabric, source beads, source new notions. We also can’t buy the material in bulk so they cost more. Most of the time we are making it for the first time we will have to rework something during the creation process which can sometimes triple our labor time. There is also a chance with out your body we made need to do a few alterations. There is no returns or refunds on custom orders, because of the time consuming nature of the work, but we will work with you to make sure it fits and is what you want it to be!

Average Custom Costs (can be lower or higher)

Bridal  $1600-$3000

Cosplay $950-$2500

Custom Costumes $750-$1800

Men's Coats $850-$2500

If you want an exsisting KMK design tweaked, it generally only a low custom fee.

Custom takes about 3 month minimum, and some can take up to 5-6 months. Sometimes we have exceptions in our schedule, you are always welcome to ask.

Please look below for examples of our custom work!

We love custom work, and we love creating beautiful one of kind garments so this is why we offer custom item requests!

Wedding gowns

 Wedding Gowns - KMKDesigns
 Wedding Gowns - KMKDesigns
 Wedding Gowns - KMKDesigns

mens wear

 Mens Wear - KMKDesigns
 Mens Wear - KMKDesigns
 Mens Wear - KMKDesigns

Custom clothing/costumes

 Custom Clothing - KMKDesigns
 Custom Clothing - KMKDesigns
 Custom Clothing - KMKDesigns


 Cosplay - KMKDesigns
 Cosplay - KMKDesigns
 Cosplay - KMKDesigns
 Cosplay - KMKDesigns